Wireless High Speed Internet

the phone company or cable company to deliver a service that we felt was very badly needed.  According to B ain , The attitude that I felt when talking  to the  people from those companies was that they believe most of the people in Vivian didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. Fed up with that attitude, he and Rococo took matters into their own hands. In early 2003, the duo began purchasing  the hardware necessary to provide high-speed access wire lawlessly. Then in May the company installed the first T-1 backbone and began offering wireless access to a small group. The company chose to use the Locust World hardware as their wireless system.

 How does this “wireless internet” work?

To understand this, you first must understand what type of system we have. Fixed point-to-multi point service has been available for the past few years. Our company, however, uses the Locust World “mesh network”. Read this article at Info World to understand why a mesh network is better. It explains why obstacles such as trees and hills don’t pose a problem with our system. The above article was written in March, 2003. Please note that It says, real arrangement is, although the moment of Mesh network has arrived However  to return. Although goods are significantly true, not just educational, several companies have experience with realistic performance. Fast Line is the First WISP to deploy the Locust World solution in the United States. Mesh Networking’s time has arrived… real deployment has arrived! We started Fast Line because Vivian is a town that is tired of seeing all of the other small towns in our parish get things years before us. Now, Vivian can proudly proclaim that it is the first town in the United States to get the wireless system that has swept Europe.

What to do with that old PC in the closet collecting dust?

Build a Mesh Box out of it and get online with Fast Line! Ray Trotter, who lives on West Nevada Street in Vivian, is the first person in town to build his own Mesh Box. Using nothing but off the shelf parts Ray pieced together a PC to serve as a Mesh Box. According to Ray, I already had  some spare parts laying around from other PC’s, so all I really had to do was put them together .Ray’s Mesh Box was built from a standard mid-sized ATX tower. The ATX motherboard has 256 MB of RAM and a 1.8 GHz Celeron processor. Instead of us in a hard drive, the American distributor of Locust World meshes products. According to Ray, Ray then took his unit into Fast Line’s office and asked Kenny Bain to register the box on the Fast Line network. According to Bain, We plugged the box up into our backbone connection and ran the registration program. In less than 5 minutes, the box was programmed and ready to go. Bain also states, What Ray have done is great! He took old computer parts that were collecting dust in his closet and built a Mesh Box out of it. Ray’s efforts have been great for us because we now have a node that can serve part of Red bud Lane, Hillside Lane, Gilbert Street, and about half of West Nevada. As clients in those areas come online, Ray will get a $5/month credit. I feel confident that at least 8 clients will sign up in that area and Ray will enjoy free internet access.

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