Wealthy Affiliate Review

What Will Wealthy Affiliate Do For You?

I have examined many internet marketing websites that promise to provide training, coaching, mentoring, and resources to help people become successful internet marketers. In the end, I chose to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. My conclusion is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best site out there for making money online. In  this review I will describe just some of the resources available at Wealthy Affiliate and how they can help you. I hope this information will help you  come to your own decision on whether it is the right choice for you.

Benefit #1: The Forum.

If you look at any review of Wealthy Affiliate, one thing it’ll probably highlight is the Forum, and the member community in general. Like any profession, affiliate marketing involves a specific set of skills and terminology. It can be difficult for someone new to the field to make sense of it all. Maybe you just read an article or viewed a training video and you still have questions. Or you’ve just built your first marketing website, and you’d like some honest feedback on it. You are never all alone as a member of  Wealthy Affiliate.  The founders of the website have made millions of dollars online and are  available for consultation. You also have access to some other highly successful internet marketers who generously share their knowledge and insights with you. Additionally, there are thousands of novices and aspiring marketers just like you with whom you can exchange tips and experiences, or just talk shop. Whatever problem you’re having, someone may have solved it and posted an answer in the Forum. But feel free to ask your question anyway – they’ll gladly answer it again. And if you need more in-depth help, you can send a private message to anyone in the community. To me, that alone is worth the membership fee. But there’s much, much more.

Benefit #2: The  training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers more than 500 training tutorials, videos, and downloadable e-books, with more added every day. If you’re just starting out, there are basic guides to introduce you to affiliate marketing. If you’re an  experienced marketer looking to expand your knowledge and experience, there’s advanced  training to help you take your business to the next level. I have gone through many tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate and they  have all been excellent. And you know that every guide and tutorial at Wealthy Affiliate is  rock-solid, because it’s written by an expert who actually uses those  techniques online every day to make money. Each topic area has a Getting Started Guide, written by an expert, to show you how it all works. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is called Wealthy Affiliate University, and it does include more than most four-year universities would offer. With the abundance of training available at Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily create your own training plan to suit your individual needs and skill level. And of course, if you ever have a question, post it to the Forum for a timely answer. Wealthy Affiliate truly offers one-stop shopping for any training you would possibly need in affiliate marketing. There’s no need to invest in any other training or tutoring services. You can use the training available there to quickly become a highly skilled, successful affiliate marketer.

 Benefit #3:The tools.

Once you get started in affiliate marketing, you’ll discover the need for tools. Again, there’s no need to go elsewhere – Wealthy Affiliate offers a full array of highly effective tools, all included with your membership, some of which are more powerful than commercial products you can pay hundreds of dollars for. Keyword research, market niche research, search engine research, website builder, article writer, … the list goes on. New tools are regularly added. The latest addition is a one-click tool to add WordPress and plugins to your website – truly awesome. Wealthy Affiliate even offers hosting for your website, so there’s no need to pay extra for that.



 Benefit #4: The Downside

The main downside of Wealthy Affiliate is that there’s so much there, many newcomers report feeling overwhelmed. It’s like walking into a crowded, ten-story shopping mall. It took me a few weeks to sort through it all. The way to get around this is to take your time, browse through the different areas, and not dive in and try to absorb it all at once. Another drawback is that there are so many different ways to make money online; different members post different techniques so it’s easy to get pulled in many directions at once. The main thing is to pick one or a few methods that appeal to you, and just take action!

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