The output is a single female  RCA  connection, located on the bottom of the rear panel of the receiver. It is listed as Pre Out/ Sub Woofer and is colored purple. Locate the proper input on your powered sub woofer. There are many brands of powered sub woofers, with many slight variations in connections. However, what you’ll be looking for is a single RCA input labeled Sub input or LFE input. the audio output for your computer. Look on the back panel for a series of 1/8-inch stereo jacks. One will be color-coded green. This is the stereo audio output for your PC. If you’re connecting the speakers to a laptop, look on the side panel of the machine for a 1/8-inch stereo jack with a “headphone” icon. Find the audio jack for your HP speakers. Most HP computer speakers consist If you’ve got large studio speakers and an amplifier, it’s important to hook them up correctly to get the best performance. Fortunately, it’s not a difficult job. All you need is some speaker wire and some good instructions.  Cut two lengths of speaker wire, each long enough to reach from the back panel of your amplifier to the back of the corresponding speaker. Strip the insulation… long as your television has a stereo audio output, this is an easy job to do with a few off-the-shelf parts. Identify a few outputs and make a few connections, and you’ll be on the way to better sound in a jiffy. Examine your television for a stereo audio output. Look on the television’s back panel for a pair of female RCA inputs. One will be red, the other white, and they will be … Hewlett-Packard (HP) computer speakers are built for easy connection to a personal computer. When hooked up, they let you listen to games, videos and music on your computer. Since HP speakers are purpose-built for connecting to a computer, hooking them up doesn’t require any special expertise. Just identify a couple of inputs and outputs and you’ll be enjoying the sound in a few minutes.  … Find the sub woofer output on the back of your home  the alter receiver. The output will be a single female RCA connector, usually labelled As Subscription Out, Sub LFE Out or woofer. Discover the feedback in your sub-woofer that is driven. This is a single female RCA connection, usually labelled as LFE in or Sub in. By Jesse Sears Here’s a quick guide to hooking up your PC audio output to your television for under $5. Check your TV set to make sure it has component audio/video inputs. These will be a small trio of plugs labelled red, yellow and white. Examine your A/V input. The red and white inputs are for the left and right stereo audio channels. These are the inputs you will be using to transfer audio from a PC to …By Jason Gordon Features include a small footprint, 1200 dpi output quality, USB 2.0 connectivity, 12 page per minute print speed, and a built-in 234 mHz processor with dedicated RAM. Though it has received good reviews overall, the 1018 is susceptible to issues you might encounter in many printers–printing random black lines, paper jams and faded printouts. Check all connections . The power or USB cable might By Hans Roh Find the appropriate output on your computer. Chances are, you will find many little outputs on the back. Look for the small round output for stereo sound. In standard computer output color-labeling, this plug is often a light green colour. It will sometimes have a picture of a speaker emitting sound next to it. This output should accept a standard, 1/8-inch stereo cable, …

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