How To Check Whether Mobile Has Been Hacked or Cloned


Now days cloning and hacking activities are increase day by day. So you have to be bit more careful while using cell phones.

If in case someone hacked your cellphone or cloned your SIM, so many unexpected things could happen with you. That person can easily steal your personal information, and can use such information for doing illegal activities etc etc.

Here is the list of few steps for checking whether you cell phone has been cloned or hacked. There are so many ways to check whether your mobile phone has been hacked or SIM has been cloned. In some cases you need to take help of your cell phone provider for checking your cellphone.

Instruction :

  1. Request your community supplier for mobile phone documents and examine these phone documents cautiously especially outgoings calls and moved information to verify that you’re not producing data-transfer or any additional phone that you’re unaware of it. If there is any unknown number that means someone else is using your same cell phone number.
  1. After specific time period don’t forgot to check cell phone device in your cell phone company service center, told them to run a diagnostic test on your cell phone for finding out viruses or bugs that could have been reason of cloning or hacking activities.
  2. Search your mobile number on internet to whether it showing any result which is not related to you.
  3. Also call on your mobile number using your friend mobile to check whether anyone picks up it.
  4. Change your account pins and passwords after specific time frame. Also if you believe your cellphone have hacked, alter banks or those emails account code instantly which it was opening through cellphone.
  5. Frequently check your card balances and your lender to ensure that no additional transaction was created by any one.