Five Working Tips on how to Save your Mobile Data of Android?

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Are you feeling sick with the way your Data plans are getting consumed faster without your knowledge on your Android? Though you have paid for an unlimited access but still did you ever notice the Data Usage? Seriously talking people who pay for limited access are done with the Data Usage for mobile and those innocent people include me. So what if I say I can half your Data Usage in less than a minute? And that doesn’t need any kind of code or any external Rom. Trust me I will guide you through. These steps can be followed by any Android Device.

  1. Compressing Chrome Pages:

Chrome is the best Mobile browser on a Android device, however Chrome is almost the top Web Browser which eats up more data plan than any other Mobile browser does. Quality and Speed are Chrome’s best attributes, so people love using it, but many of us don’t know that Chrome eats up maximum plan from our Carrier’s Data. So there is a need to cut the data into half, isn’t it? Assuming you use Chrome for your entire web browsing via mobile, the following tip can reduce your mobile data consumption from chrome. So head on to Settings of Chrome (Mobile) and then Check for Data Saver by default it would be off, turn it on that’s it. Here is the real thing behind Data Saver, it saves your Mobile Data Consumption but slowdowns a bit of your web experience, I mean you could experience a slow mobile browsing than you did earlier.

Chrome>>Settings>>Data Saver>> Turn it on.

  1. Restrict Background Data:

So did you ever experience your Mobile Data getting used, though you are not actually using it. Well the easiest way to save data is to tell your apps to restrict background data; things like email synchronization, feeds updating, weather widgets etc etc. receive data all time and use up your Mobile Data. So Restricting Background Data tells the Android system to restrict Background Data i.e. telling the Android System not to allow any app to use Internet Traffic in Background processes. To restrict Background App Data head on to Settings and then to Data Usage, tap the three dots in right corner of browser.

Settings>>Data Usage>> Three Dots in Right corner>> Tap restrict Background Data

  1. Replace Facebook app:

Seriously Facebook is a huge app not only in size but in-terms of data consumption, it’s very well known to everyone that Facebook is one of the worst contributors to Android/Apple/ or any other OS, well many people say this because Facebook not only eats your mobile data but also drains up your battery power. So do you think replacing Facebook App will assure a great battery and cut off Mobile data usage, Umm! Obviously Yes! Apps like Facebook lite are really doing great work in reducing up Data consumption but however Facebook lite also ends up with data consumption of MB in a month, so No Facebook Lite. How about simply adding Facebook on your Home screen via Chrome, yup that’s a good idea simply head on to Chrome and then login to your Facebook profile and then click the three dots in the right corner and check for Add to Home Screen and that’s it browse via chrome and if you switch on Data Saver (see method 1) the results would be very good.

Chrome>>Login to Facebook >> Tap right hand side three dots>> tap on Add to Home screen. Or Why not try Tinfoil for Facebook, which is simply a web app that displays Facebook website.

  1. Disabling Auto – Updates Apps:

Another huge drain of your data comes from Google Play Store and this will really put you in frustration if you’ve got the Play Store set to auto-upload apps, even over Data Connection.So to prevent the state of frustration head on Play Store and tap on left hand navigation drawer. Tap settings and you can see the very first option available “Auto Update Apps” tap on it and Check if the tick mark is set for Update Apps over Wi-Fi Only. Play Store>> Tap on Navigation drawer in the left>>Settings>>Auto-Updates Apps>>Check for Auto-Updates Apps over Wi-Fi only.

  1. Downloading is better than Streaming:

Well I wouldn’t have suggested you this tip but when I was done with my practical implant, I thought this tip is worth sharing. Streaming services like YouTube, Sound cloud, Spotify, Vine etc etc have more affinity towards Data Plans and especially when you listen/watch them constantly. It’s a better idea to download or add them to offline so that you can watch/listen them later.

Final Words: Trust me! If you can get through these tips I am sure you can save something from your pocket money. These tips are applicable to all Android Devices over the world. Found these tips little Helpful? Please Share them with your friends.