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Marcus Nispel Conan the Barbarian is an upcoming movie (also available in 3D) of the most apocryphal Barbarian who graced the games and other tenures for decades. He will now come to life in a cyclopean 3D action/adventure movie directed by Marcus Nispel. The movie is basically about an adventure that started as a secret vendetta of the tempestuous Cimmerian warrior that suddenly changes into a legendary war versus gigantic opponents, gruesome behemoth and unimaginable odds. Conan then apprehends that he’s the sole hope of emancipating the renowned empires of Hyboria from an impinging supremacy of unearthly creatures.

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What can I say about this movie? Aside from its super long development of the film (Yes, it took 7 years for the movie to start the production), I believe that this adventure packed movie will be bloody and full of vengeance. I love the pretty ladies in this film! The captivating beauty of Rachel Nichols will play as Tamara, Conan’s love interest who’s trained to be the Queen’s guard, servant and best friend. Rose McGowan, who plays Paige in Charmed, will act as Marique, the daughter of the ruthless warlord Khalar  Zym and she is also a powerful witch. And of course, Jason Momoa, who’s blessed to be Conan the Barbarian, the Hawaiian Native who’s known for his role as Ronon Dex of Stargate:

Atlantis. It was said that for this role, he had a 6-weeks training program at a stunt and martial arts academy in LA as he also needs a whopping 50 pounds of muscle added to his current frame. Wow! No wonder he looked so beefed up and bulk in the trailer.

Warrior Directed by:

Gavin O’Connor Warrior is another upcoming mixed martial arts movie with a hint of drama as its story focuses on the youngest son of a retired and alcoholic boxer. As the son goes home to his father, he was trained by him so he could join a mixed martial arts tournament. Complications arise when he cross paths with his older brother, who is also part of the fighting event. This movie will air on September 9, 2011 in US the alters casting Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte and Jennifer Morrison.

The Blurb:

I am not really a big fan of mixed martial arts but since the plot of the movie sounds good enough, I might watch it though. If you guys don’t know Tom Hardy, he played Eames from the movie Inception, he was a British conman. Joel Edgerton on the other hand is Owen Lars of Star Wars and Gawain on King Arthur. For martial arts lovers, I recommend this movie!

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