5 step virus help!


When faced with a possible virus infection on your computer it is easy to go into a state of panic. The following 5 steps guides you through the process of handling a virus infection:

  1. Don’t panic!

It is always best to try to stay calm when dealing with a possible virus-infected PC. If you panic and just start deleting files or registry keys without knowing what you are doing you can possibly cause more harm than the virus itself.


  1. Determine what virus you are dealing with.

Use the various resources available on the internet to determine what virus you are dealing with. You can update your anti-virus software and do a full scan, or do an online scan, or search the web for information on the symptoms you are experiencing.


  1. Locate virus removal instructions.

Once you have determined what virus has infected your computer you can search for the virus removal instructions on any of the main anti-virus software vendor’s web sites. It is a good idea to refer to more than one set of instructions so that you get a good understanding of what the virus is about and how to remove it. There are cleaning tools for most of the popular viruses that makes it much easier to clean your system, but it is very important that you should read the instructions that come with these tools.


  1. Follow the instructions!

Decide which set of instructions is the most comprehensive and easiest to follow and then stick to those instructions and follow every step that applies to your setup. If you are going to seek support from the anti-virus software support technicians without following all the instructions available, you will only be referred back to those instructions.


  1. Seek further help if required.

If the virus removal instructions seems unclear or if you do not understand something in the instructions you should seek further help from a support agent or from your local computer dealer. Make a note of all that you have tried so that the person supporting you knows what have already been done. This help may of course come at a charge depending on the type of support required. If the working of your computer and the information on it is important to you, you should be willing to pay for help if needed.


You can of course save yourself time and money by simply:

Having the latest anti-virus software installed keeping it up to date regularly checking for security updates for you Operating System and software